Comparisons and Superlatives


Fill in the correct form of the adjective in brackets:

1. Mount Everest is ___________________ mountain in the world. (high)

2. Trains are generally _________________ than buses. (fast)

3. The capital is not quite ______________ you imagine. (big)

4. David is not _______________ as his sister. (tall)

5. Your car is in ____________ condition than mine. (good)

6. That was _______________meal I have ever eaten. (bad)

7. Dalia is just ______________ Dan in student politics. (active)

8. Our catís  injuries were far _________ than we had expected. (bad)

9. This street  is a lot _____________ than the main street. (narrow)

10. The old city of Vienna is ______________ part of Vienna, in

      my opinion. (interesting)

11. Flights to New York are _____________ than flights to Bombay from

     this airport. (frequent)

12. There were _______ people at the party  than I had expected. (few)

13. Cambridge University is not quite _____________Oxford University.


14. Tel Aviv is _______________city in Israel. (large)

15. My graduation day was one of _______________ days of my life.


16. This castle is probably ____________ example of medieval

      architecture in England. (fine)

17. Daniel is not ______________ to talk to as Nathan. (interesting)

18. The new student is ____________at math than many of the others

      in his class. (clever)

19. It is ____________ living in the suburbs than it is in the city center.